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He’s a self-confessed Tunnocks fan and yet chef Jock Zonfrillo decided to forego his favourite biscuits for six months, choosing sex video to dine instead on mangrove worms, stingray, bat and electric eel.The 38-year-old Scotsman left the comforts of Australian city life to embark on a journey to some of the world’s most remote communities, hunting, harvesting and foraging with indigenous people porn for ingredients that go into their native dishes.His adventures are captured in a new series, Nomad Chef, which airs on Monday, and show the chef learning to cook as the locals do, before returning to his Adelaide-based restaurant Orana, where he had to deliver a menu inspired by the trip.Scroll down for video 
Chef Jock Zonfrillo embarked on a journey to some of the world’s most remote communities, hunting, harvesting and foraging with indigenous people for ingredients that go into their native dishes
The nomad chef: Mr Zonfrillo was approached by Quest TV to take part in the series, which airs on Monday 13 October
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From the Wai Wai people living in the edge of the Amazon to Naga tribes in the Indo-Burmese hills, Mr Zonfrillo discovered the culinary geniuses hiding in the world’s remote and often forgotten communities.‘Places like the Peruvian Amazon, they are really cut off by no road access,’ Mr Zonfrillo told MailOnline Travel.In a modern world where so much globally is homogenised it was exciting to discover the individuality of the different remote communities. It was a pretty humbling experience to witness those cultures, let alone have the opportunity to be involved in such a hands-on way.However there was a fragility to their culture and one wonders how long they will remain in secure isolation. ‘It was fascinating to be able to learn through the accessible medium of food and to catalogue a little of those cultures visited.’ 
Nomad Chef gets a slimy surprise in mangrove swamp
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A journey of discovery: The chef lived with the indigenous communities of Vanuatu, Ethiopia, China, Japan, Philippines, Belize, Peru, Faroe Islands, Spain and Australia, learning to cook 
Open air cooking: The busy chef had just opened his restaurants Orana and Street-ADL in Adelaide when he was approached to take part in the TV programme by Quest TVMr Zonfrillo was approached by Quest TV to take part in the series. The busy chef had just opened his Adelaide-based restaurants Orana and Street-ADL, and had no plans to appear on television.‘Initially I was going to say no,’ he says. ‘Then when I read through the description, the brief of the show resonated so much with my own approach to cooking that I couldnt quite believe it.‘At the restaurant we cook with a respect to the native culture of Australia whilst still respecting and embracing settlement.‘To be approached about a programme that explored food and culture from some of the most remote communities in the world was really a once in a lifetime opportunity. 
The chef learns to cook as the locals do, before returning to his restaurant where he had to deliver a menu inspired by the trip
The chef loves to travel and taste and couldnt say no to the opportunity to learn more
Learning traditional methods: ‘As a chef, I love to travel and taste different cuisine styles and different flavours,’ Mr Zonfrillo saidMr Zonfrillo learned his trade in a tough apprenticeship at Scotland’s Turnberry golf course and moved to Australia in 2000. This isnt the first time the chef has ventured out into the great unknown.‘As a chef I really wanted to understand the flavours of my new home,’ he says. ‘The food scene was and is amazing – incredible food and incredible ingredients but still no actual cuisine I could call Australian.So about 12 years ago now, I set out to find it myself and started working and spending time with the first Australians, the Aboriginal people.‘I have only just scratched the surface of the incredible amount of ingredients over a decade later. Its the backbone of what we do, the very fabric of what we do back at the restaurant.
Mr Zonfrillo learned his trade in a tough apprenticeship at Scotland’s Turnberry golf course and moved to Australia in 2000. This isnt the first time the chef has ventured out into the great unknown
From the Wai Wai people living in the edge of the Amazon to Naga tribes in the Indo-Burmese hills, the chef discovered the culinary geniuses hiding in the world’s remote and often forgotten communities 
Understanding native ingredients and learning how to use them was part and parcel of Mr Zonfrillos culinary journey So does he now know what Australian cuisine is?‘We are still learning,’ he says.‘Its an incredible journey understanding native ingredients and how to use them whilst also celebrating the cooking culture that was introduced during settlement.’The chef visited ten countries in total during the six-month filming period and lived with the indigenous communities of Vanuatu, Ethiopia, China, Japan, Philippines, Belize, Peru, Faroe Islands, Spain and Australia.‘As a chef, I love to travel and taste different cuisine styles and different flavours,’ he says. ‘There were so many different ingredients.
Mr Zonfrillo decided not to do much research before travelling to the remote locations where the programme was filmed
Breaking bread: Food offers a great medium to connect with a culture, Mr Zonfrillo says‘Stingray, bat, electric eel may seem odd in London, but in the middle of a rainforest or beside an ocean or at the side of a volcano, it just made sense when surrounded by the nature of each location. He decided not to do much research before visiting the ten countries, deciding to learn on the go instead. It was more about learning. Too much advance knowledge would have restricted that. I wanted to arrive in each community with basic background of the people but that was it. It was a great privilege to not only observe but to spend a few weeks hands on living and cooking with each culture.‘Food offers a great medium to connect with a culture, to gain an insight into culture as opposed to just observe.​And did he miss any favourite food whilst on his travels? Tunnocks biscuits, he says. All Tunnocks biscuits.Nomad Chef airs at 9pm from Monday October 13 on Quest.    

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Vile: One of the photos Conservative MP Brooks Newmark sent to a young single motherTory MP Brooks Newmark had a bayan escort two-year affair with a single mother he bombarded with naked pictures and told her I am desperate for sex with escort you, it was revealed today.The former minister, 56, a father of five, yesterday issued a grovelling apology after being caught escort bayan texting explicit photographs of himself for a second time.Mr Newmark left his post as minister for civil society last month vip eskort after he was exposed as having exchanged lewd photographs with a male journalist posing as a glamorous 20-year-old Tory PR woman. Today it emerged that he seduced an unnamed mother on Facebook behind his wifes back, sending her up to forty naked selfies in the past year, his lover said.According to The Sun one text read: I am desperate for sex with you — its been too long. At least a pic would keep the demons at bay! It is alleged he also invited her to his Westminster office and to his home, after he offered to pay the rail fare.  His wife, innocently caught up in a humiliating sex scandal has moved out of their family home, it has emerged.He announced he would quit the Commons at the next election, adding that he had ‘traumatised’ his family with ‘bizarre and abhorrent’ behaviour.He would be moving in to a psychiatric facility to battle his ‘demons’, he said. It has now emerged that he also sent a series of explicit ‘selfies’ to a single mother he met online. In one photograph he is seen posing naked while grinning in what appears to be a hotel bathroom.She claims she did not know he was married because hes an MP, hes not going to lie. The single mother ended the relationship two weeks ago when it was revealed he had sent naked pictures to someone else.She told The Suns Paul Sims: Hes told the world he was foolish and he engaged in late night flirtations online with other women because he was unwell. But that simply isnt true. We met in 2012 and he seduced me. We had a full-on relationship for over two years. I was in love with him.
Betrayal: Father-of-five Brooks Newmark with his wife Lucy, who it appears has moved out of their family homeYesterday, Mr Newmark’s wife Lucy, 52, appeared to have moved from the family’s mansion near Braintree, Essex, to their £7million London home.Mrs Newmark, the daughter of the military historian Sir John Keegan, was seen alone at the four-bedroom Belgravia townhouse yesterday.As a result of his conduct, Mr Newmark wrote to the Prime Minister on Saturday evening announcing he is to quit in May at the General Election as he tries to rescue his family life.‘I was the man who had everything. I made a fortune, married a beautiful wife, had five children, and then fulfilled my lifelong ambition to be a politician,’ he wrote in the Mail on Sunday.‘Now my political career is in ruins. I have traumatised my family and let down my constituents and my colleagues.
Tory MP quits over sex texts as ANOTHER woman reveals he sent her explicit pictures: I made a…
I made a fortune and married a beautiful wife. But my demons have consumed us all: Tory MP Brooks…
Id prop up Cameron in government… but only if we can vote on leaving the EU next year, says Nigel…
Anni said wedding was a sham and Dewani was weird, controlling and never wanted sex: Explosive new…
‘Many will regard me as a failure. And it is true: behind the outward facade of success and achievement, I have been battling demons – and losing to them. I craved adrenaline and risk. Stress at work drove me to increasingly erratic behaviour. My friends warned me that I was cracking up. I ignored them.’Mr Newmark confessed to ‘a series of flirtations’ with women on social media and said he has ‘no one to blame but myself and take full responsibility for my own actions’. He added: ‘Deep inside, I knew I was playing with fire. Now it has consumed me and my family. I want to concentrate on slaying those demons – making me, I hope, a better husband and father.’Mr Newmark was born in the United States and worked in finance before becoming MP for Braintree in 2005.A fortnight ago, it emerged he had been exchanging explicit pictures online with someone he believed to be a young blonde Tory named Sophie. In fact, the profile had been created by a male freelance reporter.The Sunday Mirror, which ran the original story, has been accused of entrapment – but it emerged that the pictures were among a number Mr Newmark had been sending.The MP, who led David Cameron’s drive for greater representation of women in politics, also sent explicit photographs to a young single mother weeks after being appointed as a minister in July.Tory MP Brooks Newmarks 2yr affair with young mum | The Sun |News

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Creamy mashed potato with oodles of melted butter is the ultimate winter comfort food. Yet the elbow grease needed to child porno get all the lumps out reduces many of us to a pulp, too.Luckily, there’s now an array of gadgets promising escort bayan to deliver easy-peasy perfect mash — within just 20 seconds in one case. But do they live up to the escort hype? AMANDA CABLE tries them out on King Edward spuds…PERFECT FOR PIESOxo Good Grips Potato Ricer, £19.99, porn
Worth the extra effort: Oxo Good Grips Potato ricer – Mary Berry swears by this method of mashing potatoesPrevious
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RESTAURANT SMOOTHMagimix Mash and Food Puree Kit, £49.99,
Perfectly pureed: The Megamix Mash and Food Puree Kit produces restaurant-quality mashWHAT YOU GET: You need a Magimix food processor — and a degree in engineering to tackle all the add-ons here. It took me longer to work out how to put on the mashing attachment than it did to peel and boil the potatoes.You clip the attachment (which looks like a steamer with white rotor blades) inside the bowl of your Magimix, add the lid with the feed tube, then put your chopped and boiled potatoes down the tube. Flick the ‘pulse’ button on the main machine, and the mash process begins. You have to keep pushing potatoes down the tube, or the machine will try to chop air.The potato drops into the main Magimix bowl, ready to serve. It’s smoother than any other mash we made, and is delicious. When I serve it up at teatime alongside fish fingers, my children can’t believe I’ve created something so perfect.EASE: Feeding the potatoes into the machine is simple but time-consuming. The major downside is clearing up afterwards. Instead of a masher and saucepan to put in the sink, you’ve got a lid, the puree attachment and main Magimix bowl.MASH TIME: Four minutes.VERDICT: Perfect pureed potato that could be served at any restaurant. But be prepared for a mountain of washing up!4/5
PRETTY LUMPYBreville Pick & Mix Hand Blender, £24.99, currys.comWHAT YOU GET: A pretty hand blender — available in three colours — which mashes potato, chops vegetables, purees soup, makes smoothies and even crushes ice. It’s a hand-held blender, similar to the Masha (see top right) but with twin steel blades at the end that turn, chop and whip your potatoes.EASE: Put boiled, chopped potatoes into a bowl then press the blender down on them. It mashes in ‘pulses’ (for a few seconds at a time). You need to chop your potatoes small, otherwise this machine struggles. And don’t make the mistake I did and lift the blender up as it goes around. I managed to decorate myself, the Aga and the dog with mashed potato.MASH TIME: Three minutes.VERDICT: I’d use this pretty machine for other things. The mash was lumpy in parts and waxy in others where I’d mashed it unevenly.2/5
Pretty lumpy: The Breville blender, left,  leaves you with waxy and lumpy potatoes, while the super-speedy Masha from Lakeland is easy to use and produces delicious mashSUPER-SPEEDYMasha, £34.99, YOU GET: A hand-held column blender available in white and lime-green, which claims to mash potatoes in just 20 seconds.The rotor blades at the bottom whip the potato around then push it out through the plastic perforated holes.
Perfect mash: Amanda Cable tests out one of the life-changing kitchen gadgetsThe maker says this process keeps the starch in potatoes intact, so the mash stays lovely and light.Apparently, if starch is ‘ruptured’ by overblending or overcooking, it releases amylose, which gives mash a glue-like texture.EASE: You simply hold this gadget over your cubed, boiled potatoes, switch it on and push down, like you would a mini road drill. In a matter of seconds the potato is mashed. Afterwards, you remove the rotor blade and put it in the dishwasher, alongside the Masha head.The first time I use it, I over-mash by holding it down for too long. The result is rather sticky potato. But the second attempt, which takes just 19 seconds, is perfect.Better still, when the results are put on a cottage pie and baked in an oven, they puff up magnificently, creating a very professional-looking dish.MASH TIME: 19 seconds.RATING: Super-speedy and delicious mash. I’m definitely keeping hold of this one!5/5KITCHEN CHICKenwood kMix Triblade hand blender, from £59.97, johnlewis.comWHAT YOU GET: A hand-held blender with a beautiful retro design and several colours to choose from. You just hold it over the cubed, boiled potatoes, and the two rotating blades will churn and mash. The 700-watt motor is powerful, so be careful not to over-blend — my first attempt looked more like the contents of a concrete mixer.A button at the top gives a choice of five speeds, but it’s definitely best to go slow with this machine.EASE: Simple to use. It doesn’t fluff the potatoes as much as the Masha (above) — but is so pretty it would win any kitchen beauty pageant. A shame to put it in a drawer!MASH TIME: Three minutes.VERDICT: Best-looking blender I tried, but the mash was a tad disappointing.3/5
Good looking: The Kenwood kMix Triblade hand blender, left, was the best-looking blender that Amanda tried. While she said the Black Blum Spudski, right, is the perfect way to get your man to mashPOLE POSITIONBlack Blum Spudski, £10, YOU GET: A hand-masher that looks like a mini ski pole. This tall gadget has a rubber handle and a small masher head. You push the potato down and it moves out and away from the stem to help prevent it sticking to the masher.EASE: After all these years of trying to persuade my ski-loving husband to mash some potato, this is the answer to my dreams!He happily mashes away with this. And all our dinner-party guests want a go, too, thanks to the fun take on a ski pole.The masher also doesn’t get as clogged as other manual ones I’ve used in the past. However, the round head crushes only one potato at a time.MASH TIME: Four minutes.VERDICT: The perfect way to get your man to mash!4/5PUT THE BOOT INBoot Print Potato Masher, £13.99,
Good for a laugh: The novelty Boot Print Potato Masher, above, is not for serious mashing, says AmandaWHAT YOU GET: A hand-masher shaped like a boot print. Mash your potato then stamp the imprint of the boot on top for a quirky touch.EASE: After years of trying to force my children to eat mash, I’ve found the answer. Use this masher to smash the potatoes as normal, then give each serving a hefty footprint on top. They absolutely love it.It isn’t the most effective way to mash potatoes, though, because the shape leaves lumps clinging to the sides of the bowl. However, it’s easy to wash — just pop it in the dishwasher.MASH TIME: Four minutes.VERDICT: Good for a laugh — but not for serious mashing.2/5 

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Sportsmails verdict on Keanes book  porno porno CLICK HERE to read Matt Lawton assessment of Roy Keanes explosive press conference  Roy Keane admitted he remained ‘open-minded’ on the prospect of being offered the job of Celtic manager again despite claiming he had been ‘10th choice’ for the post.The Irishman was speaking in Dublin at the launch of his explosive new autobiography The Second Half which has had the football world buzzing since extracts were leaked earlier this week.In the book, Keane revealed he had been offered the Celtic job in the summer only to turn it down at the last minute. Asked about the prospect of being offered the job in the future, he said: ‘I think you have to be open-minded.
Roy Keane was talking at the official launch of his autobiography The Second Half on Thursday 
Keane claims he was probably 10th choice for the Celtic job this summer, which Ronny Deila was given
‘I’ve tried to explain the situation about what happened in the summer with Celtic. I was probably about 10th choice. I’ve heard on the grapevine that one or two other people had turned it down which wasn’t an issue for me.‘At the time negotiations didn’t go the way I’d have hoped but I’m not sitting around waiting for people to lose their jobs. I’m not that type of personality.‘I have to be careful what I say because there’s a new Celtic manager and you want to wish him well. However, with the madness of the game you just don’t know what’s around the corner. I honestly hope all managers do well but, of course, the game doesn’t work that way and managers do lose their jobs.’In further extracts, Keane revealed he joined Celtic as a player in 2005 out of defiance towards Gordon Strachan.Keane was leaving Manchester United after a fall out with Sir Alex Ferguson and had offers from Real Madrid, Everton and Bolton.He writes: ‘Real Madrid offered me a year and a half. Emilio Butragueno made the call and said: “Roy, we’ll be glad to have you”. I met David Moyes at his house and was impressed with what he wanted for Everton.‘When a club is interested the manager generally sells it to you. But I met Gordon Strachan in London at Dermot Desmond’s house. Gordon told me: “I’m not really worried if you sign for us or not. We’re okay without you.”‘So I said to myself: “F*** him, I’m signing.” I think it was one of the reasons I signed for Celtic – to prove Gordon wrong. He was letting me know he wasn’t desperate for me; he was being a bit coy. But there was a bit of defiance from me.’Keane won an SPL championship and the League Cup with Celtic before retiring from football at the end of that season.
Keane revealed that he signed for Celtic in an act of defiance towards manager Gordon Strachan 
Strachan (pictured as Scotland boss this week) told Keane the Bhoys werent worried about not signing himHis favourite moment in Scotland was defeating Rangers 1-0 in a league game at Ibrox.‘I look back at my time there and I’m a bit embarrassed. I only played 12 or 13 games.‘I enjoyed the Old Firm game. We won 1-0. Majid Zurawski scored the goal. I was Man of the Match. I got a yellow card for a foul on Dado Prso and they were baying for a red card.‘The atmosphere was brilliant, electric. The hatred – I enjoyed all that. The dressing-room afterwards was great. I met great people at Celtic – from John Clark to the late Tommy Burns. I’ve no regrets about signing. It’s a brilliant club.‘When I phoned Gordon at the end of the season to tell him I was going to have to call it a day because of my hip, Gordon went: “All right, it’s for the best.” And I was saying to myself: “Try and persuade me. At least pretend.”’But at the launch Keane reserved his most cutting remarks for Ferguson, who said of his captain in his own book last year: ‘His tongue is the hardest part of his body.’
Keane reserved his most cutting remarks for Sir Alex Ferguson at the Aviva Stadium launch in Dublin The Irishman said: ‘I can kick pretty hard. I think it was a cheap dig. He was never critical when we were winning trophies and he was getting his new contracts and his ‘‘Sir’’. For Alex Ferguson, not just to criticise myself, but other players who were part of a team that brought some good days, is wrong.‘For him to criticise that when you think of what he made out of it — he made millions of pounds out of it, he got his statues, his stand named after him — was just ridiculous.‘Will I ever forgive him? I don’t know. We’ll see if we ever cross paths again.’Keane claimed he and Ferguson didn’t even have that close a relationship in the days before they fell out in 2005.‘If people think I was in his office every week having little chats, they’re sadly mistaken. I reckon there was five, six situations in my 12-and-a-bit years at United that I was actually having a one-to-one with him.’
Roy Keane autobiography press conference transcript in full: Read his words on why he may NEVER…
Roy Keane reveals the first single he bought was… Culture Clubs Karma Chameleon
The Roy Keane I knew: Forget lack of remorse in his autobiography, the former Manchester United…
Roy Keane: Lots of people are frightened of Sir Alex Ferguson… Im not one of them
Roy Keane brands Jose Mourinho a DISGRACE… and says Chelsea boss would get knocked out on a…
Roy Keane: Sir Alex Ferguson made millions and got a stand at Old Trafford named after him… to…
Pablo Counago hits out at coward Roy Keane after being branded dead lazy by his former manager
Roy Keane book launch: Recap as former Manchester United captain speaks at launch of autobiography
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Roy Keane: Sir Alex Ferguson made millions and got a stand at Old Trafford named after him… to criticise those people who brought him success was wrong  | Daily Mail Online

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Former Doctor Who star Matt Smith and his ex-girlfriend Daisy Lowe appear to have become the latest victims of hackers vip eskort who have leaked naked photographs of celebrities online.The pair join a long list of stars including Jennifer Lawrence, Avril Lavigne elit escort and Rihanna whose personal pictures are believed to have been posted online by anonymous bloggers. Smith, who quit his role as the timelord last year, dated former model Lowe for several years but the pair have since split up.So far, the images – which were first leaked in August – have involved women.But this week, the fourth bout of images were released and were said to include pictures of the first male victim, Nick Hogan, son of Hulk.The fourth wave of leaked images comes one week after a lawyer for more than a dozen targeted celebrities issued Google with a threat to sue for $100 million.Scroll down for video 
Ex Doctor Who star Matt Smith and his ex-girlfriend Daisy Lowe are the latest victims of hackers who have released naked photos of celebritiesThe firm threatened action due to Google making millions and profiting from the victimisation of women.This week, Hollywood star Jennifer Lawrence also broke her silence to hit out at the leak of the naked pictures.The Oscar-winner, one of the most high-profile victims of the hacking of hundreds of explicit images, said it was a sex crime.
Hacked celebrity nude photos are selling online for $350 with hundreds of previously unseen photos…
Is this the worlds youngest hacker? 13-year-old boy hacked into school computer system to get…
She told Vanity Fair magazine that anyone who looked at the images should cower with shame.The 24-year-old told the magazine that she started to write a statement, but realised she had nothing to apologise for.She said: I was in a loving, healthy, great relationship for four years. It was long distance, and either your boyfriend is going to look at porn or hes going to look at you.She told Vanity Fair: Just because Im a public figure, just because Im an actress, does not mean that I asked for this.
Daisy Lowe flaunts serious side boob at GQ Awards (related)
Smith (left) and Lowe (right) join a long list of stars including Avril Lavigne, Cat Deeley and Rihanna whose pictures were said to have been posted onlineIt does not mean that it comes with the territory. Its my body, and it should be my choice, and the fact that it is not my choice is absolutely disgusting. I cant believe that we even live in that kind of world.Lawrence called for a change in the law to prevent more leaks and added: It is not a scandal. It is a sex crime. It is a sexual violation. Its disgusting.I just cant imagine being that detached from humanity. I cant imagine being that thoughtless and careless and so empty inside.She added: Anybody who looked at those pictures, youre perpetuating a sexual offence. Many have surmised that the controversy may be coming to a close given the lower profile of the hackers latest victims. But photos from an unreleased and potentially massive collection of stolen celebrity nudes can still be bought online for $350, evidence shows. Some say this summers celebrity nude leaks were only a peak at how many photos and videos were compromised through security flaws in Apples iCloud and other platforms.
Naked photos of celebrities are leaked by hackers (Archive)
Scandal: Jennifer Lawrence – one of dozens of other stars who had naked photos leaked online – has broken her silence over the scandal, calling it a sex crimeThe latest hits will come as a blow to Apple as the tech firm desperately tries to tighten security on the iCloud. It currently allows users to attempt access to any account an unlimited amount of times.The FBI and Apple, which runs iCloud, are already investigating the hacking in which dozens of celebrities’ accounts were infiltrated. Naked pictures of stars were put online by hackers linked to the notorious online forum 4chan.The first wave of explicit, personal images were released on August 31, featuring Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst, and Kate Upton.Since, images have surfaced of singers Rihanna and Avril Lavigne, TV actress Kaley Cuoco, American goalkeeper Hope Solo, and socialities Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton. 
Taking action: Some of the female celebrities who have been targeted the photo hacking scandal – with Rihanna (left) and Amber Heard (right) among the most recent victims – are threatening to sue Google
Victims: Naked images already released are alleged to feature actress Vanessa Hudgens (left) and TV actress Kaley Cuoco (right)Another huge wave of leaked images took place around September 20 and involved nude photos of Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens, Kate Bosworth and Hope Solo all being released.  The hackers also managed to steal pictures of Aubrey Plaza, Hayden Panetierre and Vanessa Hudgens in similar compromising positions.Also among the victims was British model Cara Delevingne.  The blogger has also threatened to target Emma Watson – and created a website called Emma You Are Next – after she gave a feminist talk at the UN.Reddit closed the forum titled Fappening, a lewd reference to masturbation, a week after the first hit after receiving a warning that the images violated the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).But the images have been cached by thousands of users all over the world and shared on other blogs and websites, meaning many still appear on Google Images.  
First male victim: Reality TV star Nick Hogan, son of wrestler Hulk Hogan, was said to be the hackers first victimMarty Singer, half of Lavely & Singer law firm in Los Angeles, California, is now persuing legal action on behalf of a number of A-list victims. Singer claims he also issued more than a dozen warning letters to Google but received no response. In a letter to Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Singer accused the pair of blatantly unethical behavior. Reacting to the potential lawsuit, Google said they have been trying to eradicate the photos from the web in response to complaints about privacy violation.Weve removed tens of thousands of pictures — within hours of the requests being made — and we have closed hundreds of accounts, a Google spokeman said.
Threats: A website was set up titled Emma You Are Next but the images of Emma Watson never surfaced
Emma Watson: Feminism is about equality not man hating
Apple has denied that its iCloud system was compromised during the attacks, which were the result of a very targeted attack on user names, passwords and security questions. The firm, which said it was outraged by the security breach, has now advised worried customers to update their accounts with a strong password and enable two-step verification.  Last month, during a previous leak of stolen, naked pictures, Twitter said it was shutting down accounts disseminating the images. In response to a request for comment, a Twitter spokesman said in August: We do not comment on individual accounts, for privacy and security reasons, and referred MailOnline to the companys content boundaries web page. 

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New Bank of England policymaker  Kristen Forbes has said a rise in interest rates would depend on whether inflation edges up or continues to stay low, as she warned that the recent rise in the pound could have understated inflation risks.
Forbes, who joined the Bank of Englands Monetary Policy Committee in July, said it was important to monitor consumer inflation trends to adapt monetary policy accordingly, especially towards the end of the year, when she said the inflation outlook could change.
Forbes said inflation was now 0.8 per cent lower than it would be if the pound had not strengthened and that this difference could rise to 1 per cent by the end of the year.

Kristin Forbes said it was important to monitor consumer inflation trends to adapt monetary policy accordingly
But she also said that seven different measures of domestically generated inflation, which are less exposed to the impact of currency fluctuations, suggested little evidence of a pick up in inflation, making her possibly more likely not to vote for a rate rise at the next MPC meeting in a weeks time.Forbes, a former economic adviser to US President George W. Bush, said: ‘It is becoming increasingly important to monitor trends in domestically generated inflation, and especially unit labour costs, so that monetary policy can be adjusted appropriately and also be allowed to work through the economy with its own set of lags.’  
Manufacturing output in September grew at slowest rate for 17 months
UK economy passed pre-crisis peak in September 2013
Bank of England resists call from two committee members to raise interest rates
The pound rose 14.5 per cent against a basket of currencies between March 2013 and last July, contributing to a slowing of consumer prices growth in Britain. Consumer price inflation fell to 1.5 per cent in August, well below the Bank’s target of 2 per cent.
Inflation and the sterling: Kristin Forbes said inflation was now 0.8 per cent lower than it would be if the pound had not strengthened since early 2013
In her first speech since joining the MPC, Forbes said sterlings current level did ‘not appear to be substantially out-of-line with where it has traditionally been’ and most firms, especially in the dominant services sector, had told the BoE that it had not yet substantially affected trade volumes. She also said she did not want to predict sterling movements. 
The new policymaker said: ‘Does (the current level of CPI) incorporate a substantial drag from the past appreciation of sterling? If so, inflation could increase quickly as the drag fades, suggesting tighter monetary policy could be appropriate.
‘Or is any such drag currently small or likely to persist for an extended period? If so, inflationary pressures could remain muted, thereby providing more time before an adjustment of monetary policy is appropriate.’
Forbes speech delivered last night comes as the Bank of England said today it has given the all clear to the Governments Help to Buy incentive scheme after finding it does not pose a risk to financial stability and has not driven up house prices. But the Banks Financial Policy
Committee also announced today that it was asking for new powers to rein
in risky mortgage lending which will include the total debt burden
facing households and not just the money they owe on home loans.
Policymakers also want to be able to order limits on loan-to-value (LTV)
ratios. Low inflation has allowed the Bank to keep interest rates at their historic low of 0.5 per cent, despite recent strong economic data.
Housing market: Bank of England governor Mark Carney has also written to Chancellor George Osborne to say the £600,000 house price cap under the mortgage guarantee scheme and the fee charged to lenders who use it remain appropriate
UK economic growth, however, is expected to slow towards the end of
the year, with factory output data published yesterday showing the slowest growth rate for 17
months in September.
Markit/CIPS purchasing managers’ index of activity – where 50 is the
cut-off between growth and decline – dipped from 52.2 in August to 51.6
in September.
That was the lowest reading since April last year and compares to 56.6
in the US, 55.7 in Ireland, 52.6 in Spain and 52.2 in the Netherlands.But further data from Markit today showed that British construction activity grew at one of the fastest rates on record last month, though slower rises in new orders and employment raise questions about the durability of the upturn.The Markit/CIPS construction PMI rose to 64.2 in September from 64.0 in August, beating economists expectations for a slight fall and showing the strongest growth since the six-year high of 64.6 recorded in January.
An expansion in commercial work and civil engineering projects has started to catch up with booming house-building, the survey found.This mixed data over the past few days means interest rate rises should remain on the agenda at next week’s MPC meeting, although most economists still do not anticipate any movement until the first quarter of next year, with only two of the committees members so far breaking ranks to vote for a hike.But with rate rises seen in 2015, research from a government-backed body today said more than half of mortgage holders have no plan in place for how they will cope with an increase.Some 56 per cent of mortgage holders surveyed for the Money Advice Service (MAS) admit to having done nothing so far to prepare for the prospect of their home loan repayments becoming more expensive after the Bank of England base rate moves off its historic low.This is despite almost one in five (19 per cent) of the 3,000 UK mortgage holders surveyed saying that they will ‘really struggle’ to cover any increase to their monthly payments.
Hard to cope: The Money Advice Service found that nearly half (47 per cent) of mortgage holders would find it hard to meet a £150-a-month increase in their payments.
Banks and building societies are warning homeowners to start planning now for the impact of increased mortgage costs on their budgets.The MAS found that young mortgage holders are both more likely to be unaware that rates are likely to rise at all, and to have been financially stretched when they took out their home loan in the first place.One in 12 (8 per cent) of people across all ages said they were not aware that rate rises are expected to be on the horizon, rising to one in six (16 per cent) mortgage holders aged under 35.More than two-thirds (69 per cent) of homeowners generally said their finances were stretched when they took out their mortgage, increasing to over three-quarters (77 per cent) of under-35s.The expected rise in interest rates will be a new experience for many homeowners. According to industry estimates, around one million home owners have never experienced an interest rate increase, having climbed on to their first rung of the property ladder after the base rate fell to its rock bottom level of 0.5 per cent in 2009.How quickly a borrower feels the impact will depend on what type of mortgage they have. Around nine in 10 new mortgages being taken out by first-time buyers and existing homeowners are fixed-rate products, which cushion the borrower from any immediate impact of the base rate rising.Meanwhile, around one in 20 new mortgages are trackers, which are directly linked to the base rate. Lenders also offer standard variable rate (SVR) mortgages, which is a rate that they set themselves.Almost one in three (28 per cent) of current mortgage holders do not even know what their current mortgage rate is and one in 33 (3 per cent) are unaware exactly how much money currently goes out of their account every month to cover their mortgage, the MAS found.The independent body also found that nearly half (47 per cent) of mortgage holders would find it hard to meet a £150-a-month increase in their payments.